When you were little, what games did you love?

The artists behind this piece, magma, believe that the nature of humans is to play, so the theme of this room is “Games”. With the huge Othello board on the wall, racetrack carpet on the floor, and duvet cover decorated with a roulette board, this space will revive your inner child. You can actually play the Othello game on the wall, so why not invite your traveling companions to play with you?

This room is full of humor, from the original objects in the room to the paint and graphics that cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Taking a photo of the graphics will unveil some hidden words, so be sure to give it a try. The two paintings are, “The American Dream: The Young and Old Together”, and “A Wealthy Family Playing Monopoly.” What’s the story behind these paintings, and what do they mean? Try to dream up the answers as you appreciate them.

Probably the most eye-catching feature in this room is the huge face above the bed. In one nostril of the enormous nose is a cord that turns on the lights, and in the other, a box of tissues. You’d be hard-pressed to find something boring in this room full of playful ideas.

We, humans, are always following our curiosity, even as adults. No matter our age, we find playful motivations and interests in our work and hobbies. As you spend time in this room, allow yourself to yield to that pure curiosity within your heart.

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