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Traveling with Deer

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Traveling with Deer

It is said that people in Nara wake up early. Why? The reason actually has to do with the deer, who were regarded as messengers from the gods. Someone had killed a deer, they would be punished, even if it was by accident.

So, if there was a dead deer in front of your house, you would be suspected. This is why the residents of Nara woke up early. They would wake up earlier than anyone else and check for deer corpses in front of their homes. If they had found one, they would carry it over to the house next door.

We heard this story often while we stayed in Nara. Perhaps it is due to that reason that the people of Nara still wake up early today.

And we would like those who travel to Nara to also wake up early. For the deer. (Of course for a different reason.) Taking pictures with the deer is ideal particularly in the morning. There are few people, the rising sun is accompanied by clean crisp air. You can take a deep breath and become one with nature.

Because you are in Nara, we want you to wake up early and take photos with the deer. We think this is one of the best ways to enjoy Nara. We invite you to spend your mornings with the deer.

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