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Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata Hotel Guide

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Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata Hotel Guide

※This guide has been prepared for guests of the Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata and includes a guide of the hotel and a walking guide of the city of Kamata.

This audio guide is meant to be used alongside the displays located within the hotel. Enjoy listening to this free guide while you wander around the hotel.

Starting with the hotel floor signs, works created by the local Ota-ku craftsmen are displayed throughout the hotel. By listening to their stories, you can discover Kamata's craftsmanship.

And then, once the sun has set...

You can go out and enjoy the Kamata walking tour. Where are the best places to eat in Kamata? Where is the Kuroyu Onsen Hot Spring which is great for your skin? What is our recommended Izakaya bar?

If you use this guide, your experience in Kamata will be ten times more enjoyable. An unseen story is waiting to unfold for you.

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