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The Small Sounds of Life

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The Small Sounds of Life

Meeting someone who will change your life forever is rare, but finding a story that could change your trip forever is easy. When you hear a story, your world changes. Your perspective changes. Stories influence what our surroundings mean to us by affecting our sensibilities as well. Once you’ve heard a story, your world can change forever.

Perhaps you watched a movie about a place, and explored said place as if you were the main character. Or perhaps you read a novel set in that place, then traveled there while following the author’s perspective. In either case, your journey is influenced by the stories you heard.

The Agency For Cultural Affairs is developing a new “Museum For the Distribution of Media Arts and Cultural Resources” across ten airports throughout Japan. This project aims to showcase cultural resources from every region of the country, reinterpreted by artists and other creatives.

This is a chance to not only showcase beautiful works of art, but also for visitors to connect with Japanese culture in a whole new way.

This guide is one of many collaborations with airports around Japan in which we will introduce you to stories from various locations around those airports. The Nakazu Bansyouen guide was created in collaboration with Takamatsu Airport. In this extraordinary space, you can take a moment to appreciate the small things in life. The sound of the wind, the chirping birds, the sound of insects in the background all create their own music.

Your smartphone becomes your navigator, adding color and depth to this story. So go ahead and put your headphones on; we’re ready to guide you on your journey.
Here are stories rooted in this land.

We hope they will give you the ability to see your trip in a new light.

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