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What makes the landscape of Kumagawa-juku so beautiful?

The post town of Kumagawa-juku once sat along the Saba-kaido or “Mackerel Road” connecting the city of Obama to the capital city of Kyoto. During the Edo period, more than 200 households were crammed into this small town and over 1,000 horse-drawn carts would pass through daily. Three districts make up Kumagawa, a small town that runs less than a mile, leading toward Kyoto. There is Shimoncho in the south full of inns, Nakancho in the middle full of shops, and Kamincho in the north, home to the local fishmongers. The trading town’s large roads allowed for the passage of goods, and its river waters were drawn up for the horses and cattle to drink.

Can you see the beauty of this town? What makes the landscape of Kamagawa-juku so beautiful? The backdrop of mountains spreading out behind the wide and winding road; the sound of water flowing through the town, which curves to match the gently flowing river; the collage of traditional Japanese machiya townhouses preserved in the various architectural styles; the blend of new and old meshing together to create a beautiful harmony.

As we journey through this town, let us unravel the mystery of what makes up its beauty and its buildings, and glance into the stories that dwell within. You don’t have to follow the guide order; you can choose to start wherever you like. Choose the place closest to where you are and start your adventure.

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