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Kyoto Zen Trip, Inner Journey

Some of the most famous practitioners of Zen in modern society include the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and Panasonic founder, Konosuke Matsushita. Today, you can see the popularity of Japanese Zen spreading around the world... but why, and why now? How does Zen fit in to the hustle and bustle of modern society?

Zen is a sanskrit word meaning “spiritual connection”. Though Zen Meditation can be done in any position, it is most commonly practiced in the sitting position or “zazen.” You feel perfectly stable when in this position, which is ideal when practicing Zen.

Zen teaches us about Buddhist teachings through intuitive discernment; in other words, findings meaning beyond the physical world of words and letters which we are so accustomed to. Spiritual enlightenment can be obtained only by means of self-reflection.Rather than searching for a teacher, you need only to search within yourself- you just need to find the strength to confront what you cannot see. This teaching is meant to highlight the Buddha nature which exists in all living beings.

… Which, of course, is much easier said than done. So why don’t we try it together?
Sit in an upright position and free your mind of all thoughts. As you sit there, breathing, you might notice your own existence in the “here and now”. Or you might notice your body, as your nose breathes in fresh air from the wind, and your take in the sound of birds chirping nearby. You might even notice a feeling of gratitude towards the world around you.

The effects of Zen differs from person to person, as the thoughts we have and the things we notice all come from within ourselves and our own minds. There is no “right answer” in Zen-- the meaning is found through the act of practice itself. That is why this guide seeks to give guests a special Zen experience at the Oriental Hotel Kyoto Rokujo.

Traveling lets you experience a life apart? from your daily life. Isn’t that the perfect scenario to experience something new like Zen? Who knows what you will encounter as you embark on this inner journey.

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